Some of Our Services

Network Support & Maintenance

We both setup and troubleshoot networks. So, if you are currently looking at an error message like “The Network Path Cannot Be Found,” contact us and we’ll help you resolve any connectivity issues, hardware problems, outdated software, and more.

IT Support

You will likely need standard computer equipment like desktop computers, monitors, and printers – along with any industry-specific equipment. Additionally, you may be looking for tech upgrades, hardware replacement, preventative maintenance, or equipment transfer assistance.

We do it all by establishing your hardware needs and fulfilling them. This may include purchasing equipment, doing a full install, upgrading an existing system, staff training, and more.

Cloud Service & Data Backup

The cloud is an incredibly powerful tool that can save you time, space, and money while making you more efficient. Pinnacle Technologies for Non-Profits is happy to help you discover the right platform for your need, whether that is as a backup system, cloud-based server, or software system. There are many opportunities that you can capture to keep your business a step ahead of your competitors.